“We are the sum of our experiences and the influence of those diverse perspectives that surround us.”

In collaboration with École-O-Champ, a Canadian nonprofit, and partner NGOs, the Silk Roads Food Initiative is working to foster intercultural exchange and encourage young people to critically engage with complex contemporary issues.

We have two objectives:

  • Twin schools in Canada with schools in Anatolia and the Caucasus
    • Develop a platform to connect schools.
    • A structured program where food is used as a theme for twinned schools to engage with each other.
    • Food is ubiquitous, neutral and offers an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast cultures and geography.
  • Develop educational modules
    • Educational modules for elementary & secondary schools.
    • An educational module is a pedagogical tool that combines theory and an activity.
    • The Silk Road: used as a theme to explore the concept of globalization and the complexity and interconnectedness of contemporary issues.
    • The expedition will inform the overall development process and provide multimedia elements to complement each module.
    • École-O-Champ will disseminate the modules through their school programmes and education initiatives.
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